ESID Members Save More

ESID Members Save More

On top of all the benefits of being an ESID member, you can save more than the cost of membership on registration fees for the Annual Meeting:

Membership Fees & Savings on Registration:

Please apply for membership at least 5 working days (Mon – Fri)​ prior to registering for the Annual Meeting in order to claim member rates.

Savings on 

Regular Member
​Reduced membership fee for certain countries**
Junior Members*

* Reduced fee for under 35, valid ID or passport copy required
** World Bank List
*** Valid APSID ( Asia Pacific Society for Immunodeficiencies), ASID (African Society for Immunodeficiencies), LASID ( Latin American Society for Immunodeficiencies) and CIS ( Clinical Immunology Society) certificate or other proof of membership required.

ESID Members who wish to benefit ​from the reduced registration rates must have renewed their membership for 2018/2019 prior to registering to the Meeting. 

For more information on ESID membership please visit  or contact the ESID Membership Office at  in order to benefit from ESID Membership reduced rates.

Other Benefits of Membership

As an ESID member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access the ESID network of PID

  • Access to the ESID Educational Portal

  • Eligibility to apply to the ESID Summer School

  • Eligibility to benefit from an ESID awards
    (travel grant, fellowship grant)

  • Discounted membership fees to the Clinical Immunology Society (CIS) with online access to the Journal of Clinical Immunology

  • Access to the ESID Registry

  • View the ESID membership directory

  • Access to European Map of Centres

  • Access to Members only content on the website

Apply For Your Membership

Please visit the main ESID website

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